About us

Our goal is to produce the best tool for polygraph tests and provide it with an attractive price.
As you probably know, the prices of professional polygraphs and lie detectors that produce by the big companies, have very high prices.
We in ISRAEL decided to offer a new concept: We offer a great solution for the consumers of the polygraph tests. For example, if the potential consumer has 300 employees in his organization, he can do the polygraph tests to his employees and filter those who need to be sent to a professional tester for the deep checking.
We want to make polygraph machine accessible for companies who got refusal answer from the big manufacturers of polygraph machines (aka “the big two”

The rationalization of our polygraph machine is the thing that we are most proud of. The development of this device was led by professional polygraph trainers who know how to exam polygraph tests and analyze the unique responses of each person, in order to create the most reliable results.

Last but not least, Our Polygraph has been tested in from all over the world and we can say with much confidence: it works.
Thousands of customers customers are already using Polygraph BiO, improving their polygraph test and saving money. 

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