Biofeedback Green Box with 4 sensors

Biofeedback Green Box  with 4 sensors

Biofeedback Green Box with 4 sensors

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The BioSignals Green Box 4 sensors – High Quality sensors with OTG USB cable that can establish transmission via Android to the cloud

BioSignals 4 sensors is a great product that was developed by experts, which has adopted the newest and advanced technologies in the industry. 

BioSignals Green Box (tm) contains data acquisition hardware inside a plastic box and firmware embedded software for reading and decoding biological signals from the human body. The firmware transmits the signals and analysis to a windows PC or Android mobile. This hardware reads data from 4 different sensor and 5 inputs as a real-time values with the transmission rate of 2400 bytes per second.     

When you connect the BioSignals Green Box to the Android device with OTG USB cable, it is easy to do trainings and activate signals recording. Each BioSignals Green Box has its own serial numbers programmed inside the hardware, preventing the possibility of faking the product. When using the BioSignals Green Box for the first time, the user needs to activate the hardware by using a PC. 

Functions and Features:

  • There are 4 different physiological bio signals sensors, which reads the human body signals, do analysis of the psycho physiology parameters as follows:
  • 1. The blood volume capacity in the finger – BVP (blood volume pulse amplitude that reflects the human fear level)  
  • 2. HR heart rate and IBI (Inter Beat Interval in MSEC, increasing the pace - measure pressure and stress - fight or flight syndrome).
  • 3. Dynamically relative blood pressure changes that measures even very small changes of the BP that indicates fear, stress, pressure, fight or flight, etc .
  • 4. HRV (Heart Rate Variability) time domain calculation and FFT spectrum analysis that provides 40 different psychophysiology and physiological indicators concerning mental and emotional state of the autonomic nervous system activity. The most 4 common parameters are: "Rumination thoughts" (VLF), "Stress activation" (HF), "relax activation" (LF), "calm ratio" (LF/HF).

The GSR sensor: Measuring the human galvanic Skin Response with 2 electrodes that connected to 2 fingers (2 and 4) for the inspection of the sympathetic autonomic nervous system activity. The electric circuit is extremely sensitive and show values between 2000 to 60,000 in a very high-resolution measurements.

The Temperature Sensor: Measuring the peripheral skin temperature in 0.01 C resolution, when the skin temperature become lower - this is indicator for the general sympathetic nerve system state.

The Abdominal breathing sensor: A very sensitive stretch sensor based on rubber that measures the human abdominal breathing amplitude.

PC Software

  • The PC software of the BioSignals Green Box enables the customer to run a professional BioSignals training - very simple to use - very sophisticated technology include updating sequential questions (cold questions, hot questions and control question).
  • The customer can update (while doing the training) any kind of surround or background or inside artifacts that influence the recorded signals and that’s include the "artifacts timing" signed with a specific background color to indicate the situation. 
  • During the training, all the raw data signals from the sensors and the analysis data concerned the training stage will be recorded and will be saved for future analysis and review. The customer also can export all the data to .CSV files for his own analysis, and export or import trainings. BioSignals Green Box software not only display the whole process on the PC screen, clearly showing the psychological signals, also enables to load history training and everything can be send to anyone that has the same platform or as excel files for "second opinion" analysis.
  • BioSignals Android APP enables your Android to read data from the hardware via a dedicated communication OTG cable. The Android device will be used as the power supply for the hardware and as a display screen for showing the subject body’s information.
  • The APP has all the line charts display the raw data from the sensors on the phone screen, and sends all  the signals to our cloud database servers. The Android APP is not a Polygraph test APP, it is data collection, display graphs and save on the cloud the signals. 

The BioSignals Green Box components:

  • 1 X BioSignals Green Box data acquisition plastic box.    
  • 1 X PPG - BVP heart rate sensor and blood pressure dynamic changes. 
  • 1 X GSR electrodes cable with Velcro bands.
  • 1 X Abdominal Breathing stretch sensor.
  • 1 X Temperature sensor.
  • 1 X USB OTG cable. 
  • 1 X PC Polygraph Software.   
  • 1 X Android APP for reading signals, doing training / transmit signals to the cloud, and cloud signals reports.
  • 1 X Read Signals and raw data analysis Software.  
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